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Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble
  • Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige

    Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige

    Born in 1980 in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. Graduated from New York school of visual arts Colombo in Sri Lanka and Kathmandu Art University in Nepal. She was an artist in residence at the cité international des arts Paris by Institute Français and the city of Paris from 2012-2014. Currently she is working on projects focusing on feminism in Sri Lanka and Europe. Her artistic practice runs along a thin line which separates art and activism. Her works focuses on Sri Lankan immigrants in Europe and their identity in contemporary culture, domestic workers in the Middle east and children growing up in war conflicts and in the refugee crisis in Europe. Her performative and exhibition work includes 2019 “Your faith is in your hand” at la Galerie Municipal Jean-Collet at Ivry sur Seine. 2018 “PANCH” at Performing Art Network CH at LISTE art fair in Basel. 2017 “Sandwich” at Les Complices* in Zürich and “I am not guilty” at Balzer Projects (Cabinet) in Basel.  2016 «Talent et Compétence Installation» at The National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations in Paris. “Your faith is in your hand” at Al Ma’mal Foundation in East Jerusalem, Palestine and at Cabane Georgina, Off-Art-O-Rama, Calanques, Marseilles. 2016 “Children of the Sun” at Palest’In & Out festival in Ramallah, Palestine and at Gallery Jeune Creation in Paris. In 2016 she received the International Emerging Artist Award at The World art Dubai in Dubai. In 2018 she was a jury member at the committee of 68th edition of the Jeune Création exhibition at the Paris Beaux-Arts in 2018.

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