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Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble


Premiere Spielplan Ensemble
  • Rahmat Arham

    Rahmat Arham

    Born in 1990 in Makassar, Indonesia. Graduated from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia with a degree in information systems. He attended curator workshops held by ruangrupa, Jakarta in 2015 and Uncommon Pursuits held by Sàn Art, Saigon, Vietnam in 2018. Some of his writings include Welcome President Jokowi (Bentang Pustaka, 2014, e-book); A Mechanism of State Power in Women's Correctional Faculty (Jakarta Arts Council, 2016); Indonesia Fine Art Heritage Book Series (General Directorate of Culture, Republic of Indonesia, 2017); and 20 Curriculum: Networking, Moving, Maneuvering, Rebelling (Kuldesak Network, 2018). Currently Rahmat Arham is active in managing an alternative space called SIKU which accommodates contemporary technological, artistic and cultural activities in Makassar.

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