Oper, Theater Public

Based on William Shakespeare

Premiere 10.06.2023

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 12+

With silverware and siren songs

Junge Oper of Theater Basel takes to the Kleine Bühne with a large production. In William Shakespeare's ‹The Tempest›, the storm is an artificially induced one, created by supernatural powers. It is used to resolve a conflict between brothers and to create a marriage with political implications. Along with stormy music from Henry Purcell to Henry Cowell, the young singers are inspired by Shakespeare's Tempest to reflect on the issues that matter to them: The abuse of power, a feeling of being controlled by others, anger and powerlessness, inner storm and a longing for co-determination and of course: Love.

  • Musikalische Leitung –
    Kimon Barakos
  • Regie –
    Salome Im Hof
  • Bühne –
    Roland Bitterli
  • Video –
    Raphael Zehnder
  • Dramaturgie –
    Carolin Baum

  • Ikhanose Akhigbe
  • Lena Gysin
  • Fabian Hein
  • Samantha Herzog
  • Karina Hill
  • Anne-Catherine Knöchelmann
  • Judith Knöchelmann
  • Dario Lupi
  • Jon Mattmüller
  • Julian Mathis
  • Danylo Potiekhin
  • Elena Schneider
  • Benaja Sigg
  • Hannah Lou Spoerri
  • Ellen Walther