Yovanovitch Stage design

Pierre Yovanovitch
© Christian Knörr

Pierre Yovanovitch began his career in the fashion industry at Pierre Cardin, before pursuing his creative passion for interior design and opening his own design agency in 2001. His haute-couture aesthetic is characterised by a mastery of volume, proportion and light, with a particular preference for raw and refined materials. The French designer was inspired from an early age by the Swedish Grace design movement, which was championed in the 1920s by Axel Einar Hjorth and Gunnar Asplund. Pierre also draws inspiration from early 20th century American design, particularly from Paul Lazlo, Terrence Harold Gibbings, James Mont and Harvey Probber. At the heart of his interior design work is Yovanovitch's passion for contemporary art. He is an avid collector who incorporates contemporary pieces into his designs and commissions established and emerging artists to create in-situ works. Through his unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, his work combines unparalleled quality with a unique style. Pierre boasts offices in Paris and New York City, and his global projects include residential, hospitality, stage design and retail. The ‹Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier› furniture brand was launched in May 2021. During this time, the designer also opened his first furniture showroom in Paris, which will be followed by a showroom in New York in early 2023.

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