We are always happy whenever someone wants to play an active role at Theater Basel! There are many ways to participate: With and without prior knowledge. For opera, drama, dance, building or handicraft enthusiasts. This is possible in various productions, projects or ensembles. Welcome to Theater Basel!

You can take part in performances on our stages! We frequently hold casting sessions in search of people for our professional productions and projects. In some cases, extensive roles with speaking parts combined with dance and sound have to be filled. Necessary prior experience or further criteria will be described in the respective casting calls in our job portal. More

In the 22/23 season, we are looking for people to become involved in the following productions:


  • We are looking for: Young People aged 16 to 22, who like to sing
  • Premiere: 10 June 2023
  • Brief information: With music from Henry Purcell to Henry Cowell, the young people are inspired by Shakespeare's ‹The Tempest› on themes that are important to them: Abuse of power, the feeling of foreign domination, anger and powerlessness, inner urge for co-determination and of course: love!
  • Casting date: 24. October 2022, 5 pm – 9 pm
  • Preperation: A song of your choice and a text from ‹The Tempest› by William Shakespeare. The rule is: whatever and however you like it!
  • Registration: until 21 October 2022, 2 pm to spielclubs@theater-basel.ch

About the work 


  • We are looking for: Extras of different ages, multilingual is an advantage
  • Premiere: 11 February 2023
  • Rehearsals: In December one or twice a week, always in the evening or saturdays. Mid-January the intensive period starts.
  • Casting date: 13 September 2022, 6 pm
  • Brief information: The highly political opera ‹Intolleranza› from 1961 is about oppression and social injustice, resistance and cohesion. In Benedikt von Peter's production, the choir, singers and audience mingle on stage to form a collective.
  • Contact: statisterie@theater-basel.ch

About the work 

‹Die Schöpfung›

  • We are looking for: Young people aged 14 to 19
  • Premiere: 22 April 2023
  • Rehearsals: Some workshops from November to February. Regular rehearsals (twice or thrice a week) from 6 March onwards
  • Casting dates: 19./20./21. October 2022
  • Brief information: Joseph Haydn's oratorio tells of the fundamental myths of Western culture: the biblical story of creation. The music takes us on a ride from the chaos of the seven days of creation to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Director Thomas Verstraeten is turning it into a film and theatre project.
  • Contact: schoepfung@theater-basel.ch 

About the work 

‹Music for 18 musicians›

  • We are looking for: People aged 16 or older who enjoy movement and want to be part of a trinational project.
  • Peformances: 3 June 2023 in La Filature, Scène national in Mulhouse, 8 June 2023 at Theater Basel, 10 June 2023 at Theatre Freiburg
  • Rehearsals: Both weekends of May 20/21 and 27/28. The final rehearsal will take place on 2 June
  • Brief information: Rhythmic, percussive, intoxicating: Steve Reich's ‹Music for 18 Musicians› is characterized from pulse beats and variations, which are euphorically transmitted to the listeners.
  • With a hundred other accomplices, you are part of an inspiring dance concert in which the boundaries between listening and movement, between audience and performers, become permeable.
  • Registration: Philomena Grütter, p.gruetter@theater-basel.ch

About the work 

‹Danse Public›

  • We are looking for: Dance enthusiasts
  • Peformances: 9/10 April 2022
  • Brief information: The second ‹Danse Public› weekend will take place in April 2023. We are going to break down the boundaries between urban dance styles, contemporary dance and ballet. There will be an open dance battle in the foyer, prizes to be won, a Q&A with our ensemble members and, of course, lots of dance on the Kleine Bühne, in the Schauspielhaus and outdoors on Theaterplatz. True to the motto «everyone can dance» workshops for children, young people, adults, senior citizens and people with physical or cognitive disabilities will take place in April, May and June.
  • Contact: foyerpublic@theater-basel.ch

About the work 

We are often on the lookout for extras. These are supporting actors who do not usually have speaking parts and mainly appear in a crowd with others, but are nevertheless very important to ensure a credible and lively background. You can always be registered as an extra at Theater Basel. We will then contact you directly if we think you could be suitable for a role.

If you would like to become an extra, simply send an email with details of your name, age and any special abilities, as well as a few natural photos, to the extras director, Robert Keller: statisterie@theater-basel.ch

Six theatre clubs that cover all the departments of the theatre welcome all age groups to take part. Almost all the clubs rehearse once a week, run for over a year and end with a performance on one of the stages at Theater Basel. 

Theatre clubs

The Theater Basel choir, under the direction of our choir director Michael Clark, is made up of the professional opera choir, the and the extra choir. The extra choir is a choir of well-trained adult amateur singers. It takes part in large opera productions or concerts in which a particularly large number of choristers are needed. During regular rehearsal sessions, new pieces are rehearsed and the common choral sound cultivated. That is why membership in the extra choir requires not only singing and acting skills but also a sufficient amount of free time. The choir usually rehearses one to three times a week in the evenings. Additional rehearsal sessions are obviously held directly before premieres and concerts. Anyone wanting to become a member of the extra choir has to attend an audition to test their singing ability. If you are interested, please contact Pam Herzog: p.herzog@artcom.ch

The Foyer Public is an urban space inside the theatre. It can be used as a meeting point or for activities. In the Foyer Public, Ask Me staff are always on hand for visitors and help whenever and wherever they can.

The AskMe team consists of 25 people. During opening hours, there are always two of them on site. They are the first point of contact in the Public Foyer and are responsible for the friendly observance of the few rules that apply. At the moment the team is full. Information will be provided at this point should AskMe staff members be sought.  

Staff from the various departments of Theater Basel go out into their communities and share their theatre skills (with neighbours, neighbourhood partners, club colleagues, etc.). A final presentation in the Foyer Public will show the results. More information will follow.

There are 73 different jobs at Theater Basel. From dramaturgy, communication and theatre pedagogy to financial management, pyrotechnics, painting room, carpentry, polydesign, tailoring, make-up and transport, event technology, catering, building services, etc.
We regularly advertise new internships, work shadowing opportunities and full-time roles for our theatre. You can also send us an unsolicited application.

Jobs & projects

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