Theater Basel is the home of the Basel Company. The name ‹Basel Company› stands for our deep attachment to the city of Basel and a collaborative theatre practice. We bring a wide range of works, materials and texts to the stage, both historical and contemporary. What happened, how did it happen and what does it all have to do with me: welcome to drama and speculation on all the stages.

Die Mitglieder der Basler Compagnie

Hier geht es zum Blog der Basler Compagnie. Debatten, Neuigkeiten und Informationen um die Arbeit der Schauspielsparte des Theater Basel und ihr Modell der Mitbestimmung. Plus alle Infos zum Programm in der Alten Billettkasse.

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Premieres 22/23

Resumptions 22/23

1 hour, 1 artist, 1 classic
«Limitations reveal the master.» Goethe

Hamlet, Käthchen, Othello, Medea. Theater Basel is taking its educational mission seriously. Every month we will be performing a different work of the classical canon. On a specially designed small stage in the foyer. The run time is one hour. Budget-friendly admission. The theatre, ballet and opera departments are also involved in this cross-disciplinary project. Revolving around the most fundamental of all theatre questions: What has it got to do with me?


Debates, discourses, readings, performances, intimate concerts. Theater Basel invites everyone to come along and discuss current issues or experience the talents of in-house or visiting artists on the corner stage of the theatre café.


Ensemble Schauspiel