Was geschah mit Daisy Duck

Premiere 31.03.2022

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 14+

About the power of seduction of a 
bygone world

Yesterday, everything seemed so easy: A pink hair bow, pumps, artificial eyelashes and the devoted love for a drake. This Daisy, one among many, was happy and content. Simply enough for five minutes of entertainment. And then she disappeared. Just like that. Was she kidnapped, abducted or even murdered? No, she was never a victim, she never wanted to be that. But what happened to the woman with the pink bow and her sisters? Director Antú Romero Nunes, together with the Basel company, sets out in search of the naïve happiness of the past and comes across a trail full of clichés and generalisations. But then the quacking of a new-found autonomy resounds from afar. But whose feathers will be ruffled in the end?

Weitere Termine sind in Planung.

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