By Christoph Marthaler

Premiere: June 2023

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 10+

A city study of abbreviations

Basically everyone knows what the German abbreviation USW means: «Unabhängige Soprane Westschweiz». The traditional singing club meets weekly in its underground rehearsal rooms at Heuberg (corner of Wettsteinallee). A leading member of the USW is the chairperson of the highly successful underwater sports club Allschwil "Unterwassersportwesen" (USW), whose honorary president is also treasurer of the Hüningen Society for "Urkorn, Sellerie & Wasabi" (USW). In fact, it would be quite simple join up the dots and uncover the various links to «Untätige Winterschläfer:innen» (USW) from Kleinbasel or to the atheist leisure association «Ungläubigen Schönenbuch-West» (USW), but at this point a simple USW is enough, which – as basically everyone knows – can only mean one thing when used by Basel-based artist Christoph Marthaler: ‹Unabsehbare Stadterkundungswanderung›.

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