Whenever possible, food in the Theater Basel kitchen is prepared with regional and seasonal ingredients. Since we believe: Local is more sustainable. And tastier, too!!

We look forward to welcoming as many guests as possible and hearing from you about our ‹total lokal› concept.

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Fruit & vegetables

Fruit and vegetables come from regional producers – for example from Bioland Gärtnerei Hoch-Reinhard or Netzwerk ‹Feld zu Tisch›. Further, we rely on regionally based wholesalers such as Safruits or Gebrüder Marksteiner, who have stood for freshness and quality for decades.

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Jenzer from Arlesheim is our butcher of choice. The family business guarantees that appropriate husbandry practices are followed and attaches great importance to short transport routes.

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Bread & pastries

We love traditional Basel favourites: Confiserie Beschle has been delighting customers with high-end pastries since 1898 and adds that special something to our offerings. Bäckerei Kult – the cult Basel bakery – supplies us with crunchy Gipfeli and pastries. Our hugely popular «Käskiechli» (cheese tarts) are produced by Wacker & Schwob, a true Basel institution.

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We serve Eptinger Mineralwasser from the Canton of Basel-Landschaft.
The water comes from one of the deepest springs in Europe and is considered to be the Swiss mineral water with the most minerals.

Soft drinks

We purchase our soft drinks from Swiss beverage suppliers such as Vivi Kola, Coldesina or Swiss Mountain Spring. This ensures we are completely independent of well-known beverage multinationals.

Icon Milchprodukte

Dairy products

Our dairy products are backed by MIBA Genossenschaft, a cooperative with around 1,200 members from six cantons in north-western Switzerland. When it comes to the finest cheese specialities, we cannot get enough of the awesome products on offer at the famous ‹Wirth’s Huus› in Basel.

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Basel with its countless local breweries is a paradise for fans of beer. Our range of beers includes Uelibier from Brauerei Fischerstube and those of Volta Bräu. Both breweries combine traditional methods with high-quality raw materials.

Icon Wein


Our wine supplier, Siebe Dupf Kellerei in Liestal, is one of the leading wine-making establishments of north-western Switzerland. This is where 150 years of traditional craftsmanship meets innovative thinking. Our range is complemented by fine wines from smaller regional wine shops – for example Vini D’amato.

Catering support

We utilise the catering skills and organisational know-how of the Basel-based Krafft Gruppe to ensure a unique culinary experience at Theater Basel.