Freely adapted from Hermann Hesse

Premiere 01.06.2024

  • Interesting for people from 13+
  • With English surtitles (except for the premiere)

A self-discovery

'Der Steppenwolf' won Hesse the Nobel Prize and became a cult book. The reclusive intellectual Harry suffers from a conflict of identity. He despises bourgeois society, but at the same time feels attracted to it. Then he meets the fun-loving and mysterious Hermione. She pulls him out of his loneliness and leads him to the "magic theatre". There he meets himself in the end. Since its publication a hundred years ago, Harry Haller has stood for disappointed masculinity and doubting outsiderness in this hippie bible. Belgian director Lies Pauwels takes Steppenwolf as the starting point for her play. Her theatre world is about the question of how we want to conceive of ourselves as individuals today.

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