Dear Readers, Dear Basel

Our first joint theatre season is soon to begin!
We’re delighted and grateful that we can play and perform for you again. Some things have changed while others have stayed the same. A new feature, for example, is the ‹Foyer Public›: the theatre foyer will be open to everyone in the city and from the neighbourhood – six days a week from 11 am.

We tell you all about this, and about our other artistic plans, personally during our ‹home visits›. We’ll be out and about from August onwards. Find all the dates you need here in the calendar.

Starting this season, every department will have its own ‹in-house artist›. Richard Wherlock is celebrating his 20th anniversary as head choreographer. While opera and theatre are brought to you by Benedikt von Peter and Antú Romero Nunes respectively. The theatre director Antú is also one of the four members of the new direction of theatre, alongside the actor Jörg Pohl and the dramaturges Anja Dirks and Inga Schonlau. The four of them are bringing a top-class ensemble to Basel.

The artistic programme really is something else  – well, that’s what we think, at least. Eight productions are ‹mementos›, some of them award-winning and well-travelled evenings of theatre that give us a chance to introduce ourselves to you. Several themes are intertwined: four stage plays refer to Odysseus, the homeless hero. ‹Ultimate questions› about the imminent end of the world and climate change are yet another thread running through our programme. This theme will also be explored in our new project space, ‹Alte Billettkasse›.

Please also note the following: Some of the works are performed en bloc, meaning they are on at the theatre for a short period of time only. So don’t miss them! New and entertaining formats for theatre newcomers take place in the foyer. And new features for our international audiences are English introductions and surtitles as well as ‹Expat Apéros›. The extra booklet ‹In English› provides information in English about these offerings. The extra booklet ‹Für Schulen› is aimed at teachers; another booklet at young people and all those who go to the theatre with children. All extra booklets can be found in our media centre and after the summer in our in-house display in the foyer. Go to the media centre

Last but not least: the 20/10 discount is now available to children, young people and anyone completing their vocational training! Experience all events on the Grosse Bühne for CHF 20 and all other events at Theater Basel for just CHF 10.

It start‘s on October 9th.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Benedikt von Peter (artistic director) and the Theater Basel team
Basel, 22 June 2020

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