Premiere 15.04.2021

By Heiner Müller

  • Recommended age: 16+

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A play about the state of tragedy

Three heroes of the Greek war meet. Philoctetes was wounded years ago and banished to an island alone with only his mighty bow. Odysseus is now on a mission to bring back the war hero for the battle of Troy. To do so, he sends Neoptolemos, the son of Achilles, with a lie. The three warriors negotiate their quagmire in the logic of violence.
Heiner Müller is one of the most explicitly political authors of theatre literature, his works are known for their lyrical density. Film director Jan Bonny’s first theatre piece focuses on this non-conformist thinker. His ability to narrate the contradictory sides of his characters highlights not only the intellectual but also the emotional and true-to-life side of Müller.

About the work

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