A taste of theatre at home

Our digital theatre programme is up and running! We are delighted to present to you our online programme. It kicks off on 19 February and we will be releasing a new contribution each Friday at noon. All the contributions shall remain online for at least one week. The online programme will continue to be available even when we are back playing live.

Find all the dates for February and March on this page.

16.04. Recording of ‹Im Nebel›

Starting at noon and online for a whole week

Four performances of the production ‹Im Nebel› were planned as a guest performance of the male voices of the Knabenkantorei Basel at the Schauspielhaus. We will be showing a recording of the premiere at the Gare du Nord Basel on 8 November 2018.

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20 years of Richard Wherlock

Available online at noon


26. März – Video ‹Israel Special›
2. April – Video ‹Nordic Special›
9. April – Jubiläumsvideo

Dance is a fleeting art form.  As part of ‹Ballett auf allen Bühnen› we celebrate Richard Wherlock's 20 years at Theater Basel in three video contributions. Look forward to an ‹Israel Special› on 26 March and a ‹Nordic Special› on 2 April – two thematic focal points that have emerged over the years in Wherlock's work with guest choreographers from Israel, Finland and Sweden. And to top it off, we will be showing an anniversary video of Richard Wherlock's work over the last 20 years.

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Serie ‹Das Ende der Welt, wie wir es kennen›

  • 23. April – Staffel 1
  • 30. April – Staffel 2

Weltuntergang. Die Überlebenden: Ein humanistische Prepper - letzter Vertreter der Gattung alter weißer Mann, eine Cyborg mit heruntergeladenen Gefühlen, ein Zombie, der mal in der Finanzbuchhaltung war und die drei letzten Exemplare der nicht totzukriegenden Spezies Kakerlake, Matsutake und Bärtierchen. Sie entscheiden sich gegen den Krieg aller gegen alle und setzen sich in den Stuhlkreis, um sich zu fragen: Wie wollen wir Leben? Eine Miniserie in zwei Staffeln.


19.02. Music videos ‹Der Räuber Hotzenplotz›

Online at noon

The rap duo ‹Nuggets› (Fatima Moumouni & Laurin Buser) have written rap songs exclusively for our piece. We have produced two of them as music videos.


Weil Kinder in diesem Video mitspielen, wird es auf Youtube im eingeschränkten Modus verborgen. (Since this video depicts children, it remains hidden when using YouTube in restricted mode.)

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26.02. Documentary ‹Im Flow der Apokalypse›

Online at noon

A one-hour documentary captures the performances of the festival: Liturgical drama meets electronic original composition. Classical singing meets jazz and improvisation. In cooperation with the Academy of Music and the Academy of Art and Design (FHNW). 

The video has been produced by the Academy of Music and the Academy of Art and Design (FHNW).

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05.03. Documentary ‹Hallo Baqa'a!›

Online at noon

A cooperation between the Nashama Theatre Group (Jordan) and Junges Haus of Theater Basel. We still want to get to know each other in spite of borders, walls and the coronavirus pandemic. Despite borders, fences and walls we still manage to get in contact and exchange stories. 


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12.03. Live stream Stück Labor

The recording of Stück Labor with contributions by the authors-in-residence in Basel and St. Gallen, Anne Haug and Maria Ursprung, was online until 23 March.

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19.03. Recording of ‹Metamorphosen›

The recording of the highly acclaimed premiere by Antú Romero Nunes was online until 26 March.

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