We are always happy whenever someone wants to play an active role at Theater Basel! There are many ways to participate: With and without prior knowledge. For opera, drama, dance, building or handicraft enthusiasts.
This is possible in various productions, projects or ensembles. Welcome to Theater Basel!

You can take part in performances on our stages! We frequently hold casting sessions in search of people for our professional productions and projects.
In some cases, extensive roles with speaking parts combined with dance and sound have to be filled. Necessary prior experience or further criteria will be described in the respective casting calls in our job portal. More

In the 21/22 season, we are looking for people to become involved in the following productions:

‹Il ritorno d'ulisse in patria›

  • We are looking for: Men from Basel with a migration background who want to be on stage instead of the hero.
  • Premiere: 7 November 2021, Schauspielhaus
  • Rehearsal period: Start of September 2021 to 7 November 2021
  • Rehearsal schedule: Evening rehearsals. Weekly workshops in September; rehearsals once or twice a week from the end of September, more frequently in the week leading up to the premiere (always in the evening).
  • Casting dates: Will be announced at the start of September 2021.
  • Brief information: Upon returning home after many years of absence, Odysseus has a strange feeling: nothing is the same as it was. For our opera, we are looking for men from Basel with a migration background who want to be on stage instead of the hero. In workshops, we will reflect on what home and belonging mean to us and which prejudices we encounter in our everyday lives. These stories and thoughts will then be integrated into the composition as sound recordings.
  • Contact: ulisse@theater-basel.ch  

About the work

‹Matthäus Passion›

  • We are looking for: Basel choirs
  • Premiere: 25 March 2022, Grosse Bühne
  • Rehearsal period: March to June, depending on the actual performance date
  • Rehearsal schedule: Preparation of parts of the St Matthew Passion during regular choir rehearsals. Short rehearsal in the auditorium on the evening of the performance.
  • Brief information: For the next season we are preparing a major music theatre project: Bach's ‹St Matthew Passion›, directed by our artistic director Benedikt von Peter. For this large choral work we are working with the opera choir, the extra choir and the Mädchen/ Knabenkantorei.
    Sinfonieorchester Basel will perform under the direction of the conductor Alessandro de Marchi. For each performance we are looking for 40 additional singers from one or more choirs. This means that different people and choirs will sing in each of the performances.
    The performances are planned between 25 March and 26 June 2022.
    Various parts of the St Matthew Passion need to be sung. These will be sent out in good time to allow the choir to prepare and rehearse them.
    There will be a short rehearsal in the auditorium on the evening of the performance.
  • Contact: Niels Nuijten – n.nuijten@theater-basel.ch

About the work

‹Trallalali, trallalala!›

  • We are looking for: Children above the age of six who enjoy playing and experimenting. With and without prior musical knowledge.
  • Premiere: 10 June 2022, Kleine Bühne
  • Rehearsal period: April to June 2022
  • Rehearsal schedule: Workshop week in the Easter holidays (19 April to 23 April 2022), followed by two to three rehearsals a week in the early evening and on Saturdays.
  • Casting dates: 22/23 October 2022
  • Brief information: Whether you are a seasoned signer or a newbie:
    Together with a group of children, the singer, actor and multi-talented artist Hubert Wild invents a wonderfully confusing musical theatre performance for young and old alike. It is where the human voice becomes a playground for immeasurable nonsense. They use various experiments to search for noises that no one has yet heard.
    Composer Alexandra Holtsch uses all this to build an anarchic sound composition.
  • Registration and contact: Anja Adam –  a.adam@theater-basel.ch

About the work

‹Danse public›

  • We are looking for: Dance enthusiasts
  • Performance: 9/10 April 2022
  • Brief information: The first ‹Danse Public› weekend will be held in April 2022: We are going to break down the boundaries between urban dance styles, contemporary dance and ballet. There will be an open dance battle in the foyer, prizes to be won, a Q&A with our ensemble members and, of course, lots of dance on the Kleine Bühne, in the Schauspielhaus and outdoors on Theaterplatz. True to the motto «everyone can dance» workshops for children, young people, adults, senior citizens and people with physical or cognitive disabilities will take place in April, May and June.
  • Contact: foyerpublic.team@theater-basel.ch


  • We are looking for: Performers aged 16 to 25, singers aged 16 to 86, musicians aged 14 to 30, prior knowledge of football not required.
  • Premiere: May/June 2022, Theaterplatz
  • Rehearsal period: September 2021 to May/June 2022
  • Rehearsal schedule: Weekly, every Tuesday 7 pm – 10 pm.
  • Casting dates: Will be announced in September 2021.
  • Brief information: Theatre and football skills are trained in this Spielclub.
    And lots more. Since, Maláka, football has to be saved! From corruption, capitalists and players who dye their hair a different colour each week.
    A dance-theatre performance with a choir that takes a critical look at the most popular sport of our age. ‹Maláka› the structures and power struggles within the world of football.
  • Contact: junges-haus@theater-basel.ch

About the work

We are often on the lookout for extras. These are supporting actors who do not usually have speaking parts and mainly appear in a crowd with others, but are nevertheless very important to ensure a credible and lively background.
You can always be registered as an extra at Theater Basel. We will then contact you directly if we think you could be suitable for a role.

If you would like to become an extra, simply send an email with details of your name, age and any special abilities, as well as a few natural photos, to the extras director, Robert Keller: statisterie@theater-basel.ch

Twelve Spielclubs that cover all the departments of the theatre welcome all age groups to take part. Almost all the clubs rehearse once a week, run for over a year and end with a performance on one of the stages at Theater Basel. 

Junges Haus

 The Theater Basel choir, under the direction of our choir director Michael Clark, is made up of the professional opera choir, the and the extra choir. The extra choir is a choir of well-trained adult amateur singers. It takes part in large opera productions or concerts in which a particularly large number of choristers are needed. During regular rehearsal sessions, new pieces are rehearsed and the common choral sound cultivated. That is why membership in the extra choir requires not only singing and acting skills but also a sufficient amount of free time. The choir usually rehearses one to three times a week in the evenings. Additional rehearsal sessions are obviously held directly before premieres and concerts. Anyone wanting to become a member of the extra choir has to attend an audition to test their singing ability. If you are interested, please contact Pam Herzog: p.herzog@artcom.ch

The Foyer Public is an urban space inside the theatre. It can be used as a meeting point or for activities. In the Foyer Public, Ask Me staff are always on hand for visitors and help whenever and wherever they can.

To support its team, Theater Basel is looking for a group of 22 volunteers, who are being sought in cooperation with the Competence Centre for Volunteer Work of GGG Basel via their volunteer job exchange:
During opening hours, they will work as a team of two people.
They are the first point of contact in the Foyer Public and responsible for reminding visitors of the rules in place in a friendly and welcoming manner.
At the same time, they will be expected to observe how things are going and suggest possible changes and improvements to the department team.
They will also receive conflict management training to deal with tricky situations. More  

Staff from the various departments of Theater Basel go out into their communities and share their theatre skills (with neighbours, neighbourhood partners, club colleagues, etc.). A final presentation in the Foyer Public will show the results. Further information will be available in August 2021.

There are 73 different jobs at Theater Basel. From dramaturgy, communication and theatre pedagogy to financial management, pyrotechnics, painting room, carpentry, polydesign, tailoring, make-up and transport, event technology, catering, building services, etc.
We regularly advertise new internships, work shadowing opportunities and full-time roles for our theatre. You can also send us an unsolicited application.

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