Meister und Margarita

Based on the novel by Michail Bulgakov, in a translation by Alexander Nitzberg

  • Recommended age: 16+
  • With English surtitles

Bulgakov’s cult novel in a hyper-realistic setting

Did Jesus really live? Berlioz, the editor of an art journal, and Besdomny, a young poet, discuss this question. A short time later Berlioz’s head rolls along the streets of Moscow. Since none other than the devil has become involved. He shows up as a professor for black magic and takes up residence in Berlioz’s apartment, wreaking havoc and turning morality, power structures and reality upside down. Only Margarita and her lover, the ‹Master›, enter a dreamlike, almost romantic world.
Martin Laberenz returns to Theater Basel with a hyper-realistic stage created by the renowned stage designer Márton Ágh.

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Meister und Margarita