Kranke Hunde

By Ariane Koch

Premiere 18.01.2024

  • Premiere
  • Interesting for people from 14+
  • With English surtitles (except for the premiere)

A comedic medical history by Ariane Koch.

Poch is a successful racing dog. Then she suddenly keels over. The patient wakes up in the dog hospital, surrounded by a crowd of dog doctors. Diagnosis: big question mark. Ariane Koch's play deals with our exhausted society and its healing. In the hospital, a parable of our world, the helpless Poch allows herself to be treated and therapised without ever finding out what is really wrong with her. A journey through a hospital full of absurdity and despair to the best medicine par excellence: laughter.
Sebastian Nübling recently celebrated a great success at the Theater Basel with 'Dämonen'.

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