Junges Haus / Spielclubs

If you want to be involved in theatre in Basel, Junges Haus at Theater Basel is the place to be. In this season, there will be 12 clubs: A wealth of opportunities to participate in opera, theatre and dance in theatre ensembles for beginners and experienced amateur performers, but also backstage clubs where plays are read and theatre performances are reflected upon. And there is also a band that creates stage music. Whether you are 6 or 96, this where you can play a role in the world of theatre. Almost all of the clubs run for a whole year. The groups grow together during intensive rehearsal sessions to form ensembles and end with a performance on one of the stages at Theater Basel.


Casting call

Anmeldeschluss: 15.09.2020

Casting call for a new theatre production at Junges Haus of Theater Basel

Junges Haus at Theater Basel will commence rehearsals for ‹Looking for Daddy› on 24 September 2020 as part of a course (see below for fees). The plan is to put on a theatre production about Telemachos, the son of Odysseus. Based on various stories taken from the Odyssey, this project combines self-developed scenes with the great epic. 

Premiere: 29 April 2021
Direction / Choreography: Eva Gruner

We are looking for actors aged 18 and over with theatre experience and a desire to develop scenes and texts.

The weekly rehearsal is held on Thursdays, from 6 pm – 9 pm. Further, a few weekend rehearsals are also planned.
An intensive block of final rehearsals will be held during the Easter holidays, 6 – 11 April 2021.

Course fee: CHF 600 (a discount can be applied for)

Casting dates: 10 September and 17 September, 7 pm.

Anyone interested should apply online by 15 September to info@evagruner.de



nächster Termin im Spätsommer 2021 

Find out more about the Spielclubs, dates and a get-together with the club leaders and current participants at the Neuschneetreffen.

Taster session

At NEUSCHNEE you can add your name to the lists of those interested. This is not a binding registration, but it does allow you to take part in a «taster session». Just come along to rehearsals without obligation. If after three weeks you decide to join, then it’s time to register.

Course fees

Spielclubs for children: CHF 350*
Spielclubs for young people and adults: CHF 600*
* Course fee entitles you to heavily reduced tickets


Once you’ve picked your club, you can start. The registration process begins when you contact us by email. Parental consent is required for people under the age of 18. You will be sent the terms and conditions of participation and a payment slip. Registration becomes binding after returning the completed registration form and paying the registration fee in whole or in part. You thereby sign to obey the rules and regulations of Theater Basel and to participate in rehearsals. You become a member of the Junges Haus ensemble.

Martin Frank
+41 (0)61 295 14 76

Let’s get started

Once you have paid, you will receive a promotion code. And thus the right to attend rehearsals and benefit from heavily reduced ticket prices for performances at Theater Basel. You now have full access to the offerings of Junges Haus and Theater Basel.

Tickets for ensemble members

Membership is associated with significant discounts on tickets. This only applies to members of the Junges Haus ensemble. Admission is CHF 5 for performances on the Kleine Bühne and in the Schauspielhaus, and CHF 10 for performances on the Grosse Bühne.

Forever Spielclub Festival

02. bis 13. Dezember 2020

Celebrate our Junges Haus non-stop for eleven days!

Spielclubs for children

Koboldclub (6 – 8 years of age)

Two courses of theatre fun on five afternoons, each featuring drama, magical storytelling, fast-paced roles and music.
We rehearse on: Wednesday 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm
Course 1: 18.11.–16.12.2020
Course 2: 14.4.–12.5.2021
Direction: Anja Adam, Martin Frank, Beat Weissenberger

Funkelclub (8 – 12 years of age)

People say Odysseus was courageous. A hero. His son, Telemachus, was often afraid. Who is considered courageous? Who has got what it takes to be a hero?
We rehearse on: Friday 4 pm – 5.30 pm
Direction: Sarah Speiser

Polarlichter (11 +)

‹Löcher. Die Geheimnisse von Green Lake› by Louis Sachar
A 14-year-old outsider. A penal camp in the Texan desert. A dark family secret. How do you act out such a dark story with humour?
We rehearse on: Tuesday 6 pm – 7.30 pm
Direction: Sonja Speiser


Kometen (15 +)

A theatre project about possible scenarios and consequences of pandemics. Based on literary examples such as José Samarago’s ‹Blindness›.
We rehearse on: Tuesday 7.45 pm – 9.45 pm
Direction: Sonja Speiser

Astronaut*innen (16 +)

‹Inkubation – lasst uns den Weltraum!›
The space mission for a major rescue operation is ready for launch. But is such a risky journey actually worthwhile? Is it not better to stay on our familiar, albeit destroyed earth?
We rehearse on: Friday 7 pm – 10 pm
Direction: Patrick Oes

Jugendclub Oper I (16 – 25 years of age)

‹Seifenoper – Eine Hommage an Mozarts ‹Zauberflöte››
The super-rich king of a washing powder empire has a passion for Mozart’s operas. He will do whatever it takes to stage a performance of ‹The Magic Flute› with his staff.
We rehearse on: Monday 7.30 pm – 10 pm
Direction: Salomé Im Hof

Jugendclub Oper II (15 – 20 years of age)

‹Oper aufträumen – oder wie man platzsparend vom Weg abkommt›
The opera ‹La Traviata› in individual parts: 1 stage measuring 3 m2, 7 stage directions, 1 simultaneous interpreter without a degree, recorded drums and trumpets, a pinch of emotion.
We rehearse on: Friday 6 pm – 9 pm
Direction: Salomé Im Hof

Hallo Baqa’a! (16 +)

A cooperation with Palestinian youth in the Baqa’a refugee camp in Jordan. Despite borders, fences and walls we still manage to get in contact and exchange stories.
Direction: Bea Nichèle, Martin Frank, Patrick Oes, Katarina Tereh

With support from: Swissloss

Clubs for adults

Mittwochsfrühschicht (18 +)

Blut am Hals der Katze based on the work by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Two modern-day generations encounter a Fassbinder text from the 1970s: Suppressed emotions, friction, lack of understanding, unfulfilled love and dreams.
We rehearse on: Wednesday 9.30 am – 11.30 am
Direction: Juliane Schwerdtner

Biografisches Theaterprojekt (18 +)

Looking for Daddy – Telemachos’ Reise zum Selbst
Self-written, autobiographical stories about the absence of fathers are combined with motifs from ‹The Odyssey›.
We rehearse on: Thursday 6 pm – 9 pm
Direction: Eva Gruner

Dienstagsfrühschicht (18 +)

Der Weltuntergang – oder die Welt steht auf kein’ Fall mehr lang
Jury Soyfer’s clever and ironic play shows humanity prior to the destruction of the earth by a comet. Updated, it tells the tale of the world’s current state.
We rehearse on: Tuesday 9.30 am –11.30 am
Direction: Béatrice Goetz

Leseclub (18 +)

Imagine – Stücke gemeinsam lesen
Six visits to performances during the 20/21 season: The plays are read together in advance and the performances are then analysed. Including opportunities to act them out yourself.
Direction: Juliane Schwerdtner

Registration & fees

Course fees

Spielclubs for children: CHF 350
Spielclubs for young people and adults: CHF 600 *
* Course fee entitles you to heavily reduced tickets

Don’t forget to register

Martin Frank
+41 (0)61 295 14 76

Season booklet for young people

Season booklet for children


  • Anja Adam
  • Dominik Blumer
  • Martin Frank
  • Béatrice Goetz
  • Eva Gruner
  • Salomé Im Hof
  • Bea Nichele
  • Patrick Oes
  • Juliane Schwerdtner
  • Sarah Speiser
  • Sonja Speiser