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Unfortunately missed!

You might have already seen the green scaffolding – Theater Basel is being renovated! 

Due to the reconstruction work, however, it is going to be a little while before we open. But: For as long as you cannot visit us, we will come and visit you! To do so, we have developed a format called «Hausbesuche» or home visits.

Theater Basel visits you

The new artistic team is swarming out into the city, paying a visit to your living room, office or garden. Theatre teachers, the head of artistic direction, department heads and the dramaturgy team will be out and about in individual neighbourhoods, cafés and libraries. During our «Hausbesuche», we want to present what we do, get to know you and talk about theatre together. We will also be bringing along our season booklet full of new offers for you and 29 fabulous premieres.

In the calendar, you will find all the dates of our «Roadshow». Individual visits are organised privately and are already fully booked. Other visits take place in the public space. Come to these events without prior notice, based upon the principle of first come first served. And for some visits you can register directly with the respective host(s). Capacity is limited – so you are urged to secure a place fast! Perhaps we can meet up for coffee at Unternehmen Mitte? Or get together at the arts centre Bider and Tanner?

Corona Icon

And Corona? Needless to say, we are being extremely cautious and following all official guidelines. In individual cases, this may lead to cancellations at short notice or a reduced number of seats – we will keep you up-to-date on our website.

Dates follow