Ballet with music by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Antonio Vivaldi

  • Only 4 performances
  • Recommended age: 10+

Contemporary dance meets baroque music

This ballet should have premiered in the spring of 2020. Then the pandemic happened and threw a huge spanner in the works. The recurring process of the rise and fall of an entire society is a highly topical issue at present. ‹Gloria› is created under extraordinary circumstances: conceptually at a distance and choreographically as a collective. It’s a further opportunity for ballet director Richard Wherlock to work with Andrea Marcon’s La Cetra Baroque Orchestra and the La Cetra Vocal Ensemble. Sorrow any joy flow through the bodies of the dancers. They tirelessly and relentlessly rebuild their ruined world... Pergolesi’s ‹Stabat Mater› and Vivaldi’s ‹Gloria› provide the musical backdrop.

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