Ich bin gekommen, um zu sagen, dass ich gehe

Premiere 21.05.2022

  • Staged by – Sahar Rahimi
  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 16+

The cruelness of home

Last season, the Basel-based author and actor Anne Haug was the author-in-residence at Theater Basel. During this period, she came up with a text about returning home, revenge, money and class differences. A woman returns to the village she grew up in and goes in search of her oldest enemy. In the encounter with him and other former companions, she looks for the solution to all her problems. What should actually produce a terrible reckoning in fact becomes a personal confrontation with the eternal shackles of one’s own origins. The director is Sahar Rahimi, a founding member of the Monster Truck collective with whom she works at the intersection of performance and visual art.

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Weitere Termine sind in Planung.

  • Inszenierung – Sahar Rahimi
  • Bühne – Evi Bauer
  • Dramaturgie – Kris Merken