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Matthew Herbert
© Christian Knörr

Matthew Herbert is a musician, artist, producer and writer whose innovative work ranges from numerous albums (including the acclaimed 'Bodily Functions') to film scores ('Life in a Day') to music for theater, Broadway, television, video games and radio. He has performed solo, as a DJ and with various musicians, including his own 18-piece big band, and has created installations, plays and operas from the Sydney Opera House to the Hollywood Bowl. He has worked with notable artist:s such as Björk, Dizzee Rascal, Roisin Murphy, The Invisible, Micachu and Merz and released some of these works on his own label 'Accidental Records'. Other notable collaborators include chef Heston Blumenthal, playwrights Caryl Churchill and Duncan Macmillan, theater director Lyndsey Turner, musician Arto Lindsay and writer Will Self. His best known work 'ONE PIG' follows the life of a pig from birth to plate and beyond. He is in the process of reviving an online museum of sound and Creative Director of the new Radiophonic Workshop for the BBC. His first play 'The Hush' was performed at the National Theatre, his first opera 'The Crackle' at the Royal Opera House, and continues to engage with projects for screen and stage. He is currently completing his first book entitled 'The Music for the publisher Unbound.'

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