Das Märchen der Märchen

By Michelle Steinbeck based on Giambattista Basile
Premiere 28.04.2023

  • Premiere
  • Recommended age: 14+

A play born from old fairy tales

The Neapolitan collection of fairy tales is generally regarded to be the oldest one in Europe. They are crude, wild, brutal stories presented in a wholesome and morally beneficial style. Author-in-residence Michelle Steinbeck, who opened up new and whimsical worlds of language in her debut novella ‹My Father was a Man on Land and a Whale in the Water›, has dusted off this archaic work for modern consumption. She investigates its dubious morality that cements the status quo – hierarchies that still define our society to this day. But fairy tales also embody utopian potential: metamorphosis, miracles, magic. This results in dramatised science fiction: in a near future, humanity, threatened with extinction, turns once again to witchcraft and magic for help.