Barbie in Sevilla
Junges Haus

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  • A theatre club by Junges Haus
  • Recommended age: 12+
  • From 20/21

Barbie runs a hairdressing salon. Everyone in Seville has their beard trimmed or their curls styled there. In the process, she learns about the love affairs and adventures of the entire city. But when Ken turns up one day, it turns everything upside down and inside out.

  • Direction: Salomé Im Hof
  • Musical director: Kimon Barakos
  • Dramaturgy: Carolin Baum
  • Choreography: Ana Lopez 
  • With: Flora Betti, Fabian Hein, Louise Im Hof, Salome Immoos, Anne-Catherine Knöchelmann, Tizian Kuld, Lorenzo Maiolino, Jon Mattmüller, Consuelo Rosales de los Reyes, Hannah Spoerri

The ensemble of the Junge Oper is accompanied by die_freakshow, a tyrolean trio with a unique orchestration with two double basses and an accordion: Stefan Preyer, Walter Singer, Wolfgang Peer.

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  • Resumption


Eine Szene aus Barbie in Sevilla


Eine Szene aus Barbie in Sevilla


Eine Szene aus Barbie in Sevilla


Eine Szene aus Barbie in Sevilla


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