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20 Jahre Richard Wherlock & Compagnie
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‹Bliss› was created by Johan Inger to the music of Keith Jarret’s ‹Köln Concert› for the Italian Aterballetto in 2016, winning the Danza & Danza Award in the category ‹Best Production 2016›.

Artistic team and cast:

  • Choreography / Bühne – Johan Inger
  • Costumes – Johan Inger / Francesca Messori
  • Lighting design – Peter Lundin
  • Rehearsals – Yvan Dubreuil
  • Dramaturgy – Bettina Fischer

5 Duos

Watch choreographies on the Kleine Bühne by Bryan Arias, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Alexander Ekman, Richard Wherlock and Ed Wubbe

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