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Premiere Schedule Ensemble

die unverheiratete (THE UNMARRIED WOMAN)

Play by Ewald Palmetshofer
Swiss Premiere

Altersempfehlung: Ab 14 Jahren

“In April 1945, a few weeks before the end of the Second World War and the Nazi regime, a 20 year-old soldier was sentenced to death as a deserter by a National Socialist military court and executed shortly afterwards. One year later a 30 year-old woman was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for denouncing this man. These are the bare historical facts on which the play ‘the unmarried woman’ is based.  It examines the question of the manner in which issues of responsibility and guilt have continued or been carried forward in the perpetrators’ families into the third generation. And this generation has a distinguishing feature: we are the last ones who will have known the perpetrators personally and not only from historical research and narrative descriptions. Yet nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, there is a residual memory which no story, no historical account or work of remembrance can reclaim.  People’s ultimate motives remain in the dark. And darkness is where that scandal leads, which may be legal, but never legitimate. The question of a humanity which is universal to everyone leads directly to the present day.” Ewald Palmetshofer

‘the unmarried woman’ is a play for seven actresses whose ancient power comes from its use of highly rhythmic language to tell of the entanglement of guilt and love and the intervention of the past in the present.

Ewald Palmetshofer was awarded the celebrated Mülheim Playwriting Prize 2015 for his play ‘the unmarried woman’. Following her production of Ewald Palmetshofer’s ‚Edward II. I Am Love‘ after Christopher Marlowe, Nora Schlocker, resident director at Theater Basel, will tackle the highly musical register and complex rhythmical structures of the author’s language for a second time.

Preisstufe III Schauspielhaus (von 30.– bis 46.–)