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Trouble in Tahiti

Opera in One Act by Leonard Bernstein. Libretto by the composer. German translation by Paul Esterházy
An OperAvenir production

In German. Recommended ages: 12 and over

Get closer to the singers than ever before and see how your own living room can be turned into an opera stage! Where else could be better suited to a satire on middle class life? 

To the outside, everything seems perfect – successful businessman Sam lives with his wife Dinah and their son in a little white house with a front garden on the outskirts of the city. But appearances are deceptive: the young couple start arguing at the breakfast table and carry on through the day. Instead of making up in the evening they both decide to go to the cinema to see the musical «Trouble in Tahiti». 

In this hour-long work the American composer Leonard Bernstein, whose centenary is celebrated in 2018, succeeds in creating an entertaining and ambitious hybrid of opera and musical comedy in which he skilfully combines complex harmonies with simple melodies and contrasts moments of lyricism with racy jazz numbers. With a wink of the eye he shows us that money alone will not bring happiness.   

The young director Maria-Magdalena Kwaschik, who recently directed «Romeo and Juliet» in the Baselbiet, ventures beyond Theater Basel once again and into private homes where she will use the particular intimacy of these venues both in the city of Basel and the surrounding countryside as part of her production. 

OperAvenir is sponsored by: HEIVISCH, HIAG Immobilien, Julius Bär, Novartis

CHF 25.-