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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Evening of dance with choreographed works by Thomas Noone and Jiří Pokorný

«FURTHER» (World Premiere), «DAY ‹WITHOUT› NIGHT» (World Premiere) Recommended for ages: 10 and over

In this season the Catalonia-based Briton Thomas Noone and Czech artist Jiří Pokorný will each create a new work together with the Ballett Theater Basel ensemble. This represents a further opportunity for the company to familiarize itself with two new choreographic styles and, following on from previous seasons, to present the diversity of contemporary dance to audiences in Basel on the stage of the Schauspielhaus. The proximity of the audience to the stage in the Schauspielhaus gives these choreographic works a particular intensity. There is no orchestra pit that separates the audience from the dancers as the power and potential of contemporary dance are translated into movement.  In contemporary dance the body is capable of memorizing perceptions and reflecting on experiences while the members of the audience receive these non-verbal messages through sensual resonances and decode them directly and intuitively.

Thomas Noone has run his own contemporary dance company in Barcelona since 2001 and is Artistic Director of the city’s Dansat! Festival. His new piece «Further» examines emotional intimacy and distance and describes these mechanisms using visual metaphors.

Prague-born Jiří Pokorný hails from the talent factory that is Nederlands Dans Theater, NDT. There he worked with many celebrated choreographers before working independently and has since made a career for himself as a freelance choreographer. In his new piece «Day ‹without› Night» he refers to a poem by the Sufi mystic Rumi. This Persian poem provides him with a source of inspiration in depicting the world of opposites, the space of contrasts and the nature of polarity through dance.

Partner des Ballett Theater Basel:

Preisstufe VI Schauspielhaus (von 30.– bis 80.–)


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