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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

Snow White

Choreography by Richard Wherlock

Altersempfehlung: ab 8 Jahren

It is a fairy-tale atmosphere all round in Richard Wherlock’s production this season. He is staging a feature-length version of the well-known narrative ballet «Snow White», where he takes us on a journey through the dark enchanted forest, across the seven mountains to the seven “cheeky chappies” who proceed to keep our heroine safe from all kinds of harm – first and foremost, of course, from her wicked stepmother.
Just «who is the fairest in the land» and whether, at the end of the day, the prince is able to compete with seven spirited, leaping and spinning dwarfs will be revealed in Richard Wherlock’s imaginative and colourful staging of the fairy-tale ballet «Snow White».

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Preisstufe 10 (von 30.– bis 135.–)


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