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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

Radio Requiem

An installation by Thom Luz
World Premiere

The radio studio in Bruderholz will be demolished at the end of 2019. Broadcasts have been transmitted from this location and radio history made for over seventy years. The building has been rebuilt and extended three times and now its end is near. The historic building has to make way for two apartment blocks and radio production will be moved to a new building near the city centre. Before demolition the building lies vacant.

To experimental physicists it is a familiar half-truth that sound waves in an enclosed space bounce endlessly back and forth, becoming progressively weaker but never disappearing entirely. Once they have been spoken, words rebound eternally from wall to wall as infinitely small amplitudes of sound: which means that everything that was ever said, sung and broadcast in this building is still there and, by taking the appropriate steps, could be made audible once again. Among ghost hunters and parapsychologists it is often said that ghosts are only able to pass through walls because they had no way of finding out about any building measures that were taken after their death and are therefore able to keep walking in the same patterns they had walked in while they were alive, regardless of where there are now walls where doors were or a sheer drop where there used to be a staircase. 

Resident director Thom Luz specializes in anything that can disappear and yet remain present. He has been invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen with his performance on a staircase in Hanover «Atlas of the Outlying Islands» and his backstage transformation in Mainz «Sad Magicians». He will tailor a requiem walk to the radio building and its ghosts, full of forgotten songs, outdated news broadcasts and superfluous radio staff who are now working on one last radio play.  This will also provide the soundtrack for the play «Request Programme», that can be seen at Theater Basel. On the Kleine Bühne Thom Luz will adapt «Request Programme» by Franz Xaver Kroetz. Here Miss Rasch will sit at home in her rented apartment and prepare to commit suicide. While she does this she listens to the radio. What was previously – or subsequently, depending on the order in which you see the productions – recorded in «Radio Requiem» and broadcast into the ether, can now be heard on the radio in Miss Rasch’s kitchen – and the music Miss Rasch requests by phone will be received at the radio station and played by the studio’s own mini orchestra. Both productions are woven together and open up unexpected glimpses of the mechanics of the universe. A playful interaction with the boundaries of perception of time and space and the rules of storytelling. Come and see one or both sides of the story as long as you can: the diggers are getting ready.

 «Radiorequiem» in co-operation with SRF (Swiss Radio and Television)

CHF 37.-