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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

New Year Concert

Ludwig van Beethoven «Symphony No. 9 in D minor»

Performing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at New Year is a tradition that celebrates its hundredth anniversary this year. It started in Leipzig on New Year’s Eve 1918. After the horrors of the First World War, it was planned to start the New Year with Schiller’s statement that «all men shall be brothers» and the unifying power of Beethoven’s music. The work is Beethoven’s last completed symphony and in its final movement both the chorus and solo singers join in with the orchestra. This marked a break within musical history and influenced numerous composers in generations to come. With its message of unity through diversity, Friedrich Schiller’s ode «To Joy» has become more topical than ever at the present time. Ivor Bolton, the Principal Conductor of the Sinfonieorchester Basel, will welcome the New Year together with the Sinfonieorchester, the Theater Basel Chorus and soloists from the opera ensemble.

A co-operation between Theater Basel and Sinfonieorchester Basel