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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


A chain of happy coincidences, organized by Thom Luz

On 16th April 1943 the chemist Albert Hofmann left his work at the Sandoz laboratory in Basel early because he was suffering from “a strange unease, combined with various forms of light dizziness”. While synthesizing a substance from rye ergot he had, it seems, inadvertently absorbed a small dose of lysergic acid diethylamide through his fingertips. And so, while cycling home to his apartment through springtime Basel, Hofmann experienced the world’s first ever LSD trip. Swaying gently on his Villiger bike, Albert Hofmann entered an entirely different world.

The new theatrical evening from resident director Thom Luz concentrates on this most famous cycle ride in the history of science. It does not seek to imitate the acoustic and optical forms of psychedelia on stage but instead aims to use the tools of musical theatre to find an answer to the following questions: How can one reliably organize the discovery of the philosopher’s stone? What exactly is reality, and why? How can I construct one of my own? And is there a herb to cure the melancholy of those who have remained sober?

While for the inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud dreams represented the best route to the unconscious, some forty years later Hofmann’s accidental discovery seemed to reveal a chemical route to our innermost souls: a few micrograms of an artificially manufactured hallucinogen became a hoped-for cure and chemical space ship to the innermost self. Psychonauts and cartographers, discoverers and escapist ethnologists of the soul, driven by a melancholy desire to find themselves. Thom Luz’s team of experts experiment with a range of techniques for extending the sphere of music theatre, where a tower of synthetic noisemakers from the year the drug was created features alongside a bicycle used  as a rhythm instrument, Mexican sacred songs and a microphone with five kilometres of cable. The performance will start on time at 8.

Preisstufe IV Schauspielhaus (von 30.– bis 60.–)