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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

At the back of the house

A project about Anne Frank with young people from Basel

A project with young people from Basel based on original texts by Anne Frank and documentary material

Anne Frank was a teenager when she created her diary. She wrote it in the final years of her life, in a hiding place at the back of the house, crammed together with her family and friends in the tiniest of spaces and in constant fear of being betrayed. It is a unique document of how Jews were persecuted by the Nazi regime. Now her voice has acquired particular significance, epitomising the suffering of children and young people who are the victims of persecution and war: those who, like Anne Frank was then, are deprived of the ability to experience a carefree youth and whose lives are marked by feelings of isolation. 

Together with the director Hanna Müller young people from Basel will use the diary and other material in order to tell Anne Frank’s story in a scenic collage. Their research will take them on a journey, leaving the back of the house and setting out into the world looking for other stories from present day crisis regions.  Such as that, for example, of the Yezidi Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad who survived the genocide of her people. But perhaps there are other stories to be found much closer to home – because almost six hundred refugees under eighteen are now living in Basel.

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