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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

Anything could happen here

Play based on the novel by Gianna Molinari

Altersempfehlung: ab 12 Jahren

Gianna Molinari: «In ‹Anything Could Happen Here› the female first person narrator recently began working as a night guard at a packing factory that is about to close. The factory has yet to be abandoned but it is no longer part of the productive world. Here the narrator constructs a new world one piece at a time. This new world consists of Clemens, the second night guard, the boss, the cook and her colleague Lose and it becomes increasingly unsafe. Apparently there is a wolf prowling the grounds, for which she has to dig a trap. There is also the story of an African refugee was found dead after falling out of the landing gear of an aeroplane. His identity remains unknown. The narrator begins to investigate, thinking about what borders mean and what identity is and how it can be determined. To what extent is identity negotiable and able to change according to the surroundings? For whom are borders porous and for whom are they impassable? And who decides this? What is safe and what is unsafe, is she herself still safe? Borders and crossing boundaries, internal and external, visible and hidden, construct and definition all become blurred. At the same time the levels of the real and the imaginary are also shifting. Does the wolf that suddenly appears in the building really exist? And who is seeing what here? ‹Anything Could Happen Here› is a text about how we perceive the world and our own selves and how that perception is distorted, a novel about dissecting what is real and the realms of possibility.»

Basel-born Gianna Molinari won the 3sat Prize at the Bachmann Competition in Klagenfurt in 2017 for her debut novel «Anything Could Happen Here». In 2018 she was nominated for both the German and Swiss Book Prizes and won the Robert Walser Prize in Biel. With a blend of sobriety and poeticism the author takes a wonderfully light approach to the great issues of our time: to what is foreign and what is familiar, to home and identity and the borders that we draw around ourselves.  These issues will be explored by the Swiss director Claudia Bossard, who will also adapt the novel for the stage, in her debut at Theater Basel.

Preisstufe 2 (von 30.– bis 40.–)