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Aus dem Englischen von Almut Wagner. Altersempfehlung: Ab 14 Jahren.

“Johann Augustus Suter from Basel travels to California and becomes rich cultivating the land. One day, digging a river to build a watermill, one of his employees discovers gold. Soon enough tens of thousands travel from all over the world to become rich fast. The invaders take over the farm, the workers leave, and after a few months the land is poor again. Suter has lost everything. His discovery started the gold rush fever but he did not get anything out of it. I lived in California in the 1990s and I´m familiar with the creeks and mountains where men went mad looking for gold. The landscape still gives the sense of freedom and possibility that Suter must have felt. However, he saw opportunity in a land that had already taken torn the original peoples who settled in California centuries ago. California is still the land where people go to dream and imagine the future. Basel is now a prosperous place in which 160 nationalities are represented. The story of Suter will allow me to explore the tension between those two different worlds and the promises which have made people both past and present set off in the hope of a better life.” Guillermo Calderón

The Chilean writer and director Guillermo Calderón, who has toured the theatre festivals of the world with his company Teatro en el Blanco regards himself as an explicitly political artist. He survived the Pinochet dictatorship and is a critical observer of Chile today.  His plays are performed both in North American and in Europe. He now lives chiefly in New York, where he works as a screenwriter for film and television. His credits include ‘El Club’, which won the Silver Bear in 2015. With ‘Gold Rush’, his first work in Switzerland, he will adapt the successful novel by the Western Swiss author and adventurer Blaise Cendrars from 1925. This work, ‘Gold’, portrays a brilliant historical figure: General Johann August Suter, a gambler and pioneer in the New World, who fought till the day he died for what he believed to be rightfully his.

Preisstufe III Kleine Bühne (von 30.– bis 46.–)