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A play by Reto Finger after Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz

Altersempfehlung: Ab 14 Jahren

“Joseph-Samuel Farinet, on whom the hero of Ramuz’ novel was based, was a smuggler and forger who lived near Saillon (VS) in the second half of the 19th century. He distributed 20 Rappen coins he had minted himself among the local population. However, he enriched this forged coinage with self-prospected gold so that – unlike the official currency – his money still retained its value in difficult economic times. Does this make him a hero? A Robin Hood of the mountains? Or is he just a lowly forger? And what about Joséphine? Without her help Farinet would never have managed to escape from prison in Sion. Does this make her a heroine too? And if so, is she still a heroine if it becomes known in the village that she is not from Wallis? And what do the mountains have to say about all of this? And what does it have to do with freedom? A play about freedom, and about the rise and fall of Joséphine, Farinet’s lover.” Reto Finger

Ramuz combines Farinet’s rebellion against the government’s orders and his breathless escape from the gendarmerie with a deeply moving love story in which he questions the possibility of independence both for the individual and the community on a range of levels. Playwright Reto Finger, born in Berne in 1972 and raised in Emmental, adapts Ramuz’s novel both for the stage and for the present. He has already examined the myths of the Swiss mountains in his play ‘Kaltes Land’ (‘Cold Country’), winner of both the Kleist Prize for Young Writers and Société Suisse des Auteurs Writers’ Prize. As both a trained lawyer and a current judge he also brings considerable professional expertise to Farinet’s legal conflicts.

After ‘Children of the Sun’ and ‘Edward II. I Am Love’, this is the third production resident director Nora Schlocker has directed for Theater Basel.

Preisstufe III Kleine Bühne (von 30.– bis 46.–)