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Musical by Jerry Herman and Harvey Fierstein

Music and lyrics by Jerry Herman. Book by Harvey Fierstein after the play «La Cage aux folles» by Jean Poiret German translation by Erika Gesell and Christian Severin. In German with English surtitles. Recommended for ages: 10 and above

As Zaza, Albin is the star of the nightclub «La Cage aux Folles» in Saint-Tropez, whose owner Georges has been Albin’s partner for over twenty years. Life in this exotic and glittering world on the beach of the Côte d’Azur could be so carefree if time would not insist on marching on quite so mercilessly. Albin feels he is getting old. There are more and more wrinkles and clothes now have to hide his body rather than show it off. How can anyone in show business grow old successfully? On top of this the world offstage has not got any more open-minded with the passage of time –populists who insist that the law is based on tradition and morals are gaining far too much attention. And how are they going to react when their only son – Georges’ offspring from a brief but intense affair – suddenly decides he wants to marry the daughter of the chairman of the «Party for Tradition, the Family and Morals»? Georges and Albin do what any parents would do for their children: everything. For the sake of their son they even try to deny their own lives, their identity and their love.  

As one might expect, this strategy is doomed to failure. Events turn stormy in this musical comedy that in addition to all its glamour, drag acts, humour and unforgettable songs also asks questions about what really makes a family, ageing and intolerance and encourages us to take a broader view.   By the end one thing is abundantly clear: «It makes no sense if you don’t say; Hey, world, I am what I am!»

Jean Poiret’s comedy «La Cage aux Folles» had an extremely successful world premiere in Paris in 1973. After it was filmed twice there was also interest on Broadway: Jerry Herman – creator of the worldwide hit musical «Hello, Dolly!» – and Harvey Fierstein got to work on the material. In 1983 they produced a sensation that won six Tony Awards.

The young director Martin G. Berger is considered a musical specialist and his productions are distinguished above all by his feel for the comic muse – while showing great affection for the stories, characters, music and genre of the musical itself.

The two leading roles will be taken by Swiss actors with whom Basel audiences are very familiar: Roland Koch as Georges and Stefan Kurt as Albin?/?Zaza can be seen here on stage together at Theater Basel.

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Preisstufe VII (von 30.– bis 118.–)