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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

The Illiterate

Play based on the short story by Ágota Kristóf

After a sheltered childhood in Hungary, as a young woman Ágota Kristóf escaped from the war in her home country in 1956 with her husband and daughter and settled in francophone Switzerland.  As someone who had been an enthusiastic reader and writer ever since she had been a child, she suddenly felt she was «illiterate». Alongside her job in a watch factory she was determined to write again and make herself heard so she had to adopt this «enemy language» in order to express herself. The language in which Kristóf wrote was not one she had chosen voluntarily – she needed to come to terms with it. Reading and writing was an act of confirming her own existence and identity, a remedy for loneliness and loss.

This autobiographical story brings us closer to the life and works of the Hungarian-Swiss author of «The Notebook» which is premiered in the Schauspielhaus on 20th September 2019.

CHF 15.-


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