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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Play after the story by Max Frisch in a version by Thom Luz and David Heiligers

Recommended for ages: 12 and above

«Is everything around me slowly starting to slip away? Can what was so firmly fixed and anchored before suddenly no longer be trusted? There is no place for panic yet. But could it be possible that the order up until now is – how can one put this? – toppling? Max Frisch’s short story offers a template for meditation in times when storms are approaching on every horizon,» wrote the literary scholar Peter von Matt after reading the text, in which a landslide cuts a mountain village in Tessin off from civilization, when it was first published in 1979. 

It rains and rains. Herr Geiser, a pensioner originally from Basel who now lives in the valley, prepares himself – either to be rescued or for destruction. With the fantastic alertness of the loner he describes his surroundings, takes an inventory, plans an escape to the next valley – and finally disappears into the white fog: it is unclear whether this is normal bad weather or the bright blur of forgetting that awaits us all. Max Frisch describes the final everyday moments of a man who understands he has become detached from himself and will become part of nature’s unconscious, of the millions of years of the earth’s history.

Resident director Thom Luz directs this apparently simple story as a «chamber symphony on uncertain ground» for four actors and two musicians, from Beethoven’s pastoral «Awakening of Cheerful Feelings on Arrival in the Country» to Bartók’s almost inaudible «Microcosms» for piano. Following «LSD – mein Sorgenkind», «Inferno» and «Paradiso» after Dante and Büchner’s «Leonce und Lena» Thom Luz now sets off in the company of Max Frisch in search of humanity’s great enigmas.

A co-production between Theater Basel
and the Deutsches Theater Berlin


Preisstufe IV Schauspielhaus (von 30.– bis 60.–)