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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


A theatrical journey

With texts by Lukas Bärfuss, Sacha Batthyany, Irena Brežná, Martina Clavadetscher, Dorothee Elmiger, Reto Finger, Joël László, Lukas Linder, Philipp Löhle, Urs Mannhart, Milena Moser, Ewald Palmetshofer, Monique Schwitter, Darja Stocker, Alain Claude Sulzer, Patrick Tschan, Theresia Walser and others.

Uniting the visual arts with language and theatrical performance – this is the idea behind a joint project between Theater Basel and the Kunstmuseum Basel. For «The Theatre of Pictures» twenty distinguished writers and dramatists were invited to think about a work they have chosen from the permanent collection, which is the oldest public art collection in the world. Here works from very different periods, for example «Die Windsbraut» (The Bride of the Wind) by Oskar Kokoschka, are seen from a deliberately subjective perspective. Stories and accounts have been created along with dramatic descriptions of pictures and also indirect and experimental approaches to art through language that reveal something of the effects of visual art works or of the museum; as well as something of the individual and associative ways of looking that each author employs. Other texts focus on the site itself: the traditional museum that is also constantly reinventing itself and its position within the city, its staff, its architecture, its visitors. The imagination has no limits. 

At night, once the doors are closed to visitors, the museum becomes a stage. In a skilful tour of the exhibition spaces all the texts are presented individually by actors from the company. The overall artistic direction of «The Theatre of Pictures» lies in the hands of Daniela Kranz, who has not only been responsible for numerous productions at Theater Basel but also has shown a special talent bringing the city of Basel and its citizens to life in theatrical form in the theatre series «Inspector Hunkeler», «Erasmus of Basel» and «Polar Red».

A co-production by Theater Basel and Kunstmuseum Basel

CHF 37.-

Die Bürger von Calais von Erwin Koch