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The Gambler

Opera in Four Acts by Sergei S. Prokofiev Libretto by the composer after the novel by Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky
Swiss Premiere

In Russian with German and English surtitles. Recommended ages: 12 and over

Dostoyevsky’s partly autobiographical novel about an obsessive gambler is heightened musically in Sergei S. Prokofiev’s opera «The Gambler»: with its relentless driving energy Prokofiev’s composition portrays a society in the grip of a fever, putting itself at stake by renouncing all its liabilities. Luck is conspicuous by its absence – both in gambling and in love.  

The plot is set in the fictional spa town of Roulettenburg, where appearances rule the day. A down at heel general is speculating on an inheritance from his wealthy great aunt in Moscow. However, instead of dying, «Babulenka» arrives hale and hearty in Roulettenburg and gambles away all her money in no time. Meanwhile the private tutor Alexei also loses a small fortune in the hope of impressing his adored Polina. But Alexei only gets more deeply addicted...  

Following his acclaimed production of Modest Mussorgsky’s opera «Khovanshchina» the young Russian director Vasily Barkhatov returns to Basel with the Swiss premiere of «The Gambler». The musical director is the Lithuanian conductor Modestas Pitrenas, Principal Conductor of the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

Presenting Sponsor: Stiftung zur Förderung der Basler Theater

Preisstufe VII (von 30.– bis 118.–)

DER SPIELER_Babulenka (Jane Henschel)_Sinfonieorchester Basel DER SPIELER_Polina (Asmik Grigorian), Alexej (Dmitry Golovnin), Baron Würmerhelm (Andrew Murphy)_Sinfonieorchester Basel DER SPIELER_Polina (Asmik Grigorian), Alexej (Dmitry Golovnin)_Sinfonieorchester Basel