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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Ballet by Alexander Ekman
Schweizer Erstaufführung

Ballett von Alexander Ekman. Musik von Mikael Karlsson. Altersempfehlung: ab 12 Jahren

The young Swede Alexander Ekman has brought a new exuberance and fresh ideas to the dance world: he has flooded the opera house in Olso for his version of «Swan Lake», filled the stage of Stockholm Opera with hay for his «Midsummer Night’s Dream» and made thousands of apple-sized plastic balls rain down on the dancers of the Paris Opera («Play»). This season the choreographer, who is already familiar to Basel audiences with his humorous pieces «Flockwork» (2013) and «Cacti» (2016), will prepare another acclaimed abstract work with Ballett Theater Basel. «Cow» is the title of his dance evening in eleven scenes that he created in 2016 for the ballet company of the Semperoper in Dresden. Now he will bring this to Theater Basel’s Grosse Bühne and adapt it for the dancers of our ballet ensemble.

With «Cow» the ballet world’s enfant terrible deliberately stages a full-length piece without any plot or narrative story. Like a moving installation, in which even the stage design complete with flying cows becomes part of his virtuoso choreography, Ekman’s piece provides surprising visual moments, perfect timing and offers the audience pure, unbridled delight in movement. And humour is not neglected either. Once again Ekman brings a liberating fresh northern wind across the main stage.

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Preisstufe 8 (von 30.– bis 105.–)


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