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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

Don Giovanni


Eine Koproduktion des Theater Basel mit der English National Opera London. In italienischer Sprache mit deutschen und englischen Übertiteln. Altersempfehlung: Ab 12 Jahren

The character of Don Giovanni is regarded as hedonism personified: a seducer, bon viveur, egoist. For him there are no boundaries, either social or legal. His entire life is devoted exclusively to personal pleasure. Don Giovanni promises nothing less than the sensuality of the moment. However, his powers of seductions are never entirely successful: Don Giovanni remains a promise unfulfilled. The hopes which he dashes, the people he abandons along the way – even as a result of murder – bother him little. Only Leporello, the archivist of his triumphs, remains faithfully at Don Giovanni’s side as a servant, friend and manager of his escape. Following the murder of Donna Anna’s father and a failed attempt to seduce her, Don Giovanni is obliged to flee from her and her fiancé. His pursuers are joined by another of the heartbreaker’s scorned victims: Donna Elvira. The chase leads them to a country wedding where Don Giovanni unceremoniously attempts to seduce the bride and does not succeed. He flees once again. Finally, in a cemetery, Don Giovanni is invited to dinner by a statue, at the end of which he will be devoured by the Earth. Normality has been resumed. Good has (apparently) triumphed.  

Mozart’s musical comedy asks the question to what extent the limits placed on our social behaviour should be lifted: Which values do we want to hold on to, and which would we be better off getting rid of? What does personal freedom mean?

The production is directed by the British director Richard Jones, winner of a Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera, whose work has thrilled audiences at opera houses around the world. It is conducted by Music Director Erik Nielsen.

Preisstufe VIII (von 30.– bis 137.–)

Don Giovanni (Riccardo Fassi)_Sinfonieorchester Basel Zerlina (Maren Favela), Don Giovanni (Ricardo Fassi)_Sinfonieorchester Basel Finale II Ende Sextett_Sinfonieorchester Basel