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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Play by Joël László

Recommended for ages: 14 and over

As part of the «Stück Labor» development programme for young playwrights Joël László has evolved his new play through exchanges with Theater Basel. Here the writer in residence for the 2017?/?2018 season examines contemporary manifestations of reality and shows a particular interest in the gaps that open up between media reporting, political justifications and personal experience

Joël László: «What are the realities and truths we establish daily as a society and how devoid of intentions and free from violence are they really? What do moments look like when the woodwork our truths are constructed from can suddenly be heard creaking?  The conspirator is actually an acknowledged expert in the field of historical toxicology: she is researching the history of the use of chemical weapons. One day some data appears on her computer, leaked onto it. This explosive information catapults her directly into the centre of a chain of evidence of a poison gas attack in the Middle East for which responsibility is disputed. After hesitating for a short time she embarks on research that increasingly contaminates her professional and family situations. By the time she dares to make her questions and initial findings available to the public she discovers that scientific curiosity can also become a version of social betrayal. And as a woman and a conspirator: that the right to morality, just as it always has been, remains a temple guarded by men.»

Joël László was born in Zürich in 1982 and lives in Basel, where he studied Islamic Studies and History before working for the Department of Near Eastern Studies and as a translator. During the 2014?/?2015 season he took part in the «Dramenprozessor» development programme at the Theater Winkelwiese in Zürich, where he created «Lullaby for Baran» that won the audience prizes at both the Münchner Kammerspiele Long Night of New Plays in 2016 and the 2017 Heidelberger Stückemarkt. At Theater Basel his texts «Islam.Fantasies» was already seen in the series «Paradise Lost» and «Seeing is Good for Thinking» in the «Club Red October» series. The Hungarian director András Dömötör, a specialist in contemporary drama and strongly political themes, will direct for the first time in Switzerland.

Created as part of the playwriting development programme «Stück Labor Basel» at Theater Basel

Preisstufe II (von 30.– bis 37.–)