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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Play by Tony Kushner
Teil I: Die Jahrhundertwende naht / Teil II: Perestroika

Aus dem Englischen von Frank Heibert.

Part I: Millennium Approaches
Part II: Perestroika

Both parts will be performed separately and in marathon performances

The mid-80s: the outbreak of the disease AIDS alarms New York. Louis, son of a wealthy Jewish family, abandons his sick boyfriend Prior in panic and starts a relationship with conservative Mormon lawyer Joe. Joe’s drug-dependent wife in turn escapes into her own inner world while his strictly religious mother flies in from Salt Lake City outraged. The Republican Roy Cohn, a cynical and power-obsessed lawyer, insists that he is not gay and does not have AIDS. Even on his deathbed he refuses to stop arguing about this with his black nurse Belize. And then an angel breaks through Prior’s bedroom ceiling, a “cosmic reactionary” as Belize calls him, though Louis is convinced this is all imaginary as there are no angels in America!

Tony Kushner’s theatrical epic won the Pulitzer Prize in 1993. Set in the Reagan era, it was written against the background of nascent neo-liberalism. In the USA it is rivalled only by Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ as one of the classic plays about the nation’s declining status as a world power. More than twenty years after its original production, ‘Angels in America’ provides a richly imaginative, unsparing analysis of a society which is carrying a collective disease and wrestling with the need to acknowledge its existence. A disease which divides the world into the rich, who are able to have treatment, and the poor, whom it will destroy.

The Australian director Simon Stone, resident director at Theater Basel, is only a few years older than the play. He was born in Basel, where the research departments of the pharmaceutical industry played a decisive role in combatting the plague of AIDS. He reads Kushner from the perspective of our millennium, in which the spirit of neo-liberalism has taken up residence in every aspect of our lives without any resistance.

Preisstufe V (Gr. Bühne)