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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble




September 2017

14. September 2017

Lucio Silla

Dramma per musica by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Libretto by Giovanni de Gamerra
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
15. September 2017


Drama by Georg Büchner
Schauspielhaus, 19h30
22. September 2017

The Black Spider

Drama after the novella by Jeremias Gotthelf
Kleine Bühne, 20h00
23. September 2017

Die Nacht kurz vor den Wäldern

von Bernard-Marie Koltès
Monkey Bar, 19h00
29. September 2017


«The Fools» (world premiere Bern 2008, reworked New York 2010) / «This is everything» (world premiere)
Dance programme with pieces by Hofesh Shechter and Bryan Arias
Schauspielhaus, 19h30

October 2017

01. October 2017

The Flower of Hawaii

Operetta by Paul Abraham
Grosse Bühne, 18h30
13. October 2017

Hier spricht Lenin

Klub roter Oktober
Monkey Bar, 21h00
19. October 2017

The End of Eddy

After the novel by Édouard Louis
Foyer Schauspielhaus, 19h30
21. October 2017

La Traviata

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
26. October 2017

Leonce and Lena

Theatre with music by Thom Luz after Georg Büchner
World Premiere
Schauspielhaus, 19h30

November 2017

03. November 2017

The Government Inspector or: The Book of Sin

Comedy by Lukas Linder after Nikolai Gogol
World premiere/ commissioned play
Kleine Bühne, 20h00
10. November 2017


A monologue after the novel «Der barmherzige Hügel» by Lore Berger
Box, 20h00
17. November 2017

Swan Lake

Ballet by Stijn Celis Music by Peter I. Tchaikovsky
World Premiere Berne 2006
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
24. November 2017

Before Sunrise

Play by Ewald Palmetshofer after Gerhart Hauptmann
World Premiere/Comissoned Work
Schauspielhaus, 19h30

December 2017

01. December 2017

The Three Robbers

Music theatre after the book of the same title by Tomi Ungerer and the animated film by Hayo Freitag
Kleine Bühne, 18h00
03. December 2017

Revolution in St. Tropez. Stück für die linke Hand

Klub Roter Oktober
Monkey Bar, 19h30
15. December 2017

La Cenerentola (Cinderella)

Opera by Gioachino Rossini
Grosse Bühne, 19h30

January 2018

11. January 2018


Comedy by Heinrich von Kleist after Molière
Schauspielhaus, 19h30
12. January 2018


Tragedy in One Act by Richard Strauss. Libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
18. January 2018

The Law of the Jungle

Play by Dominik Busch
World premiere/commissioned play
Kleine Bühne, 20h00

February 2018

08. February 2018

The Threepenny Opera

Play by Bertolt Brecht with music by Kurt Weill
A cross art-form collaboration produced by the theatre and opera departments
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
13. February 2018

Let's talk!

Referendum debates in the foyer of the Grosse Bühne
Foyer Grosse Bühne, 19h30

March 2018

07. March 2018


Lyrical bar tour with texts by Robert Walser
Monkey Bar, 20h00
09. March 2018

The Gold Bug

Opera by Dai Fujikura
World Premiere/Commissioned Work
Kleine Bühne, 18h00
10. March 2018

The Gambler

Opera in Four Acts by Sergei S. Prokofiev Libretto by the composer after the novel by Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky
Swiss Premiere
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
17. March 2018

Mary Page Marlowe

Play by Tracy Letts Translated by Anna Opel
Swiss Premiere
Schauspielhaus, 19h30
28. March 2018

Trouble in Tahiti

Opera in One Act by Leonard Bernstein. Libretto by the composer. German translation by Paul Esterházy
An OperAvenir production
Wohnzimmer in Bottmingen, 19h30

April 2018

12. April 2018

Kaspar Hauser

Play by Olga Bach
World Premiere/Commissioned Play
Schauspielhaus, 19h30
13. April 2018

Death in Venice

Ballet by Richard Wherlock. Music by Dmitri Shostakovich
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
21. April 2018


After Euripides. By Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks. Translated by Almut Wagner
Kleine Bühne

May 2018

04. May 2018

Romulus the Great

Play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Schauspielhaus, 19h30
Mai 2018

Polar Red

The fateful business of one dye. Theatre series after the novel by Patrick Tschan
Im Stadtraum
18. May 2018

The Rake's Progress

Opera by Igor Stravinsky
Grosse Bühne, 19h30
24. May 2018

Dancelab 9

Choreography by dancers from the ballet ensemble
World premieres
Kleine Bühne, 20h00