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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

Theatre and Schools

Theatre occupies a special place between the twin poles of reality and fiction. It’s a place where personal identities and lifestyles can be examined on stage in a way that is both playful and real, where magic and transformation can happen and deep feelings and thoughts are released. With its three disciplines of opera, drama and ballet, the theatre is a place for everyone to experience. This is why we in the education department at Theater Basel aim to generate enthusiasm, open people’s eyes and encourage tolerance, curiosity and creativity.


Martin Frank
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Anja Schödl
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To book tickets
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To make our work uncomplicated and approachable, educational activity at Theater Basel is divided into three areas:

  • Theatre and schools, daycare centres and kindergartens
  • Theatre and families
  • Young people’s theatre (Junges Haus)

Theatre and schools, Daycare Centres and Kindergartens

When we come together creatively with the common goal of communicating knowledge, courage, critical thinking and how to cultivate your own taste, educators are our most important partners. We are pleased to invite you to exchange personal views and receive more detailed information about our programme at our season presentation for educators on Monday 14th May at 5 p.m.!

Straight-forward ticket bookings and support with other aspects of organisation *

Preparation of educational material on plays in the repertoire *

Teaching support before or after your visit to the theatre from our education staff *

A close relationship with your class in the form of a long-term partnership *

Accompanied visits to selected rehearsals or morning ballet training *

Guided backstage tours
(can be tailored to specific themes and in various languages)

A cultural day in Basel for a single class or an entire year group with practical workshops on agreed topics, followed by seeing a performance

The educators’ newsletter offers the latest regular and exclusive updates as part of our cultural outreach. Please subscribe to our mailing list! *

We also present three regular series offering different models of advanced training for educators relating to the theme of «theatrical techniques for use in the classroom»:

How does inspired and inspiring teaching work? How can I keep the class together? How can I address my class with a positive approach, engage and motivate them? These courses deal with themes of drama in education, ensemble acting and presence.
LED BY Eva Gruner

time is life time. Three Saturday courses examine the quality of collaboration between teachers and students: how to confront stressful situations with playful lightness, the opportunities offered by personal encounters, status games in everyday school life, alertness and relaxation as effective coping strategies.
LED BY Martin Frank

One season. One production per month. Watch these together. And steal bits.
In a debrief, establish different views, process them and take them further.
LED BY Milena Meier

* These services are free of charge